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Should You Eat Protein Bars?

Let’s talk about this, should you eat protein bars?
I know this is a touching subject for all of you. Everybody have their own opinion about protein bars. But let me tell you why protein bars may be good for you to eat.

First: Time

Time is of the essence. If you have no time to cook or no time to eat at work, a protein bar might be good for you. For instance, not all of us can sit and eat three grilled chicken breast and buckets of steamed brocolli all through out the day at work. Some just couldn’t do it. You gotta make sure that you get something in so you don’t miss a meal. For time sake’s, protein bars are definitely a good point.

Second: Quality

If you’re gonna eat protein bars, get something with quality. I agree, there are some really crappy protein bars out there. Some are loaded with fat, loaded with sugar, or even with tons of carbs and garbage like a snicker’s bar with protein in it. That what it is. Some of them have 450 calories. Make sure if your gonna eat some protein bars, pick one that is super low carb, high in protein, moderate in fat and make sure that its something that fits in your macro. If its got 16 grams of fat and 14 of more saturated, its not a good protein bar.

Next: Money

Protein bars usually are not cheap. Money is difinitely something you need to keep an eye out for and think about before you decide if you put protein bars in your diet because protein bars are so expensive. That is why a lot of people make their own protein bars. They use natural peanut butter or weight protein. I think its a good idea. If you got time, make you own protein bars because it could be a lot less expensive plus you can make it the way you want it to be.

Fourth: The Protein Source

It is almost impossible to find a protein bar that is all weight protein. Usually protein bars that I see are soy protein. That’s how they get it. A decent protein bar is something that have weiht and soy in their. I’m not saying that its great but if you can find at least a decent one that have soy and some weight protein in their.

lastly: The Sugar Alcohols

That’s how protein bars are marketed. They’ll say that it only has 3 net carbs. Of course it’s like 45 grams of sugar alcohols. I don’t know if your familiar with sugar alcohols but they cause diareah. You eat a protein bar and in 1 hour later your stomach makes this dropping like its hot. That could be a gastro intestinal nightmare. Think about that.

Overall you have to admit that protein bars are so convinient. That what protein bar is! It’s convinient. Its helping you to make sure that you don’t miss a meal. That you meet you protein requirements. Make sure before you get buying these protein bars and eat them, these ball points are all good with you.