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Ask Jillian Protein Shakes Medical Course

A protein shake doesn’t have to be just for vigitarians. That could be for all of us. It could be a snack, or if we put healthy things into it like berries, coconut milk and almond milk we can make it for breakfast for example. But for thos who don’t like soy, there are other options too.

Hemp Protein
It’s a great option. Its got a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, good for digestion and has a ton of fiber in it. Great choice.

Whey Protein
It comes from cow milk. Its the most easily absorbed in digestive form of protein. That’s what so good about it. Verty little lactose in it.

Egg Protein
Make a meal out of it. Put some berries in it. Put your antioxidants, your fiber, use coconut milk or almond milk anyways its a great choice.